6 Tips for an Epic Golf Day

For many, planning the perfect golf day can be a bit of a chore.  It’s all worth it in the end when you’ve got all your friends around enjoying a nice day and sipping some cold ones on the course. In this article, we’re going to give you six tips to make sure your epic golf day goes off without a hitch.

6. Get Your Buds on Board

Golf with Friends

Obligations abound, especially if you’re at a certain age. In fact, there’s actual evidence that if you’re a millennial, you’re probably a flake. Our biggest tip is to get your buddies on board and then making sure you hold them to it (guilt is a great binding agent—remind Steve about the time he bailed on your birthday booze cruise). Because there’s nothing worse than scheduling a golf day and then having half your party flake out. You’d be surprised how many people actively try to avoid having a good time.

5. Set a Tee Time

Tee Time

By far, the most important pre-planning event is going to be setting your tee time. Most golf newbies might whiff on this step all together. You’ll show up at the course only to realize you don’t have a reservation and will spend your golf day drinking at the restaurant (not the worst thing, though). Just make sure to call the course and get tee time that works for everybody.

There are popular public courses that are first come first serve so, if that’s the case, make sure to get there early!

4. Consider the Weather

Rainy Golf Day

Obviously, you can’t control the weather (yet!), but you should probably try to pick a particularly clear weekend. The summer season is in full swing and, with it, clear, sunny and hot days but even the seven-day forecast can get it wrong.  If it does happen to rain, just be sure you have the proper tools to deal with it.

3. Booze

Now, we’ve gotten to the important stuff—booze.

So there’s a few ways you can tackle this. Obviously, the classic choice is a cooler full of cold ones and whiskey or scotch. The Scottish invented golf, so why not honor them by drinking a responsible amount of scotch whiskey? You don’t want to be slugging straight whiskey all day, so having some “road sodas” to switch up with will be clutch (also, what’s more refreshing than an American pilsner on a hot day on the links?).

But there’s an alternative too if you want to be “extra.” Consider making a pitcher of a cocktail to serve up as well. We suggest something refreshing like margaritas, mojitos or even mint juleps. At first, you might be derided for deviating from the norm, but once your friends take a sip of your fresh lime marg—you’ll have changed hearts and minds, my friend.

2. Cigars

Golfer Smoking a Cigar

Okay, yes, cigars totally make you look badass. Everyone we think of as “cool,” at one point or another, has been photographed smoking a cigar and it made them look even cooler. Therefore, the same should apply to you? Right? Maybe. 

Personally, we think cigars should be reserved for after the game. The smoke gets in your eyes when you’re trying to play and maybe some of your friends don’t want to deal with the smell. 

If you’re dead set on having a smoke while playing, we suggest getting small, mellow cigars that smoke fast. These will be suitable for cigar novices and also won’t last for your entire game. For afterward, though, feel free to break out the big guns and have a nice long smoke while you’re kicking back on the 19th hole. 

1. Provisions

Beef Jerky

If you’re going to be drinking and smoking, you’re going to need a solid foundation. We don’t mean your family or friends to drive you home later (though you might need that too) but food, dude!

If you just want a few snacks, we suggest going for something a little more refined than just pork rinds and cheese doodles (although those are good too). These days, there are all kinds of badass meat jerkies going around. Consider getting a couple bags of something exotic—venison, alligator or ostrich. Protein will help you maintain when you get into your third glass of whiskey.

Also consider bringing some lunches. Yeah, go ahead, pack lunch for your friends—it’ not weird and they’ll also need it on the back nine. Obviously sandwiches or wraps are going to be the preferred method of shoving food in your face. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something handheld and without a bunch of messy sauces—you don’t want to look too sloppy when you get off the course. 


We hope we have given you some good advice on getting the most out of your course day. As long as you’ve got sun, suds and buds, you’re sure to have a good time. And if you bring your PowerBilt clubs, you just might have a good game too!