Top 5 Indoor Golf Courses to Help Combat Those Rainy Days

Before we get going here, let’s temper our expectation in regards to “indoor golf courses.” As of now, there is no full eighteen or nine-hole golf course in the continental United States.. In fact, there is no “true” indoor golf course in the entire world!  There’s not even an indoor course in Dubai, where we were sure we’d find one. There are a few ideas for how one would make one—most interestingly from something called the monolithic dome institute who suggests a course could be built in a giant dome, which has yet to be pursued.

What we do have here are a handful of cool places around the country where you can get pro help as well as virtually play a round of golf, which is pretty cool in its own right. Also, there are some all-weather driving ranges you can head to if the weather’s not cooperating. Here are some of our favorite indoor golfing spots where you can practice your swing no matter the forecast.

5. Topgolf

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Topgolf is on track to become one of the fastest growing sports entertainment complexes in the world. While not “technically” an indoor golf course, Topgolf ranges are covered so you can play even when the weather’s no good. Also, they have food and a full bar so that’s a major plus.

If you’ve never been, Topgolf is essentially a driving range game but, every fifty yards or so is a target. The more accurate your shot and the farther the distance, the more points you earn.  The game is great for a group or family outing and can help improve the consistency and accuracy of your drive as well—a win-win if we ever seen one!

 4. Tomkos Tavern

If there’s one thing we know about Florida, it’s that it’s always raining and, if it’s not, it will be soon. If you find yourself this year in the Orlando area with the family (a Disney trip perhaps?) and it’s raining, we suggest heading over to Tomkos Tavern for some indoor sports fun. They’ve got golf, of course, but also hockey, football and more for you to try your hand at. Plus, great burgers and more! 

3. Golf Manhattan

Golf Manhattan is one of the coolest golf simulators in the United States. Yes, they have three different PGA courses for you to swing through but they also have golf pros at the ready to help you improve your swing. Go for a visit just for fun or go to improve your game, either way it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

2. Urban Golf Performance

In Los Angeles, there’s no better city golfing experience than UGP. They tout themselves as “the most comprehensive golf development center in the world.” UGP offers everything including indoor golfing, club fitting and building, pro lessons and full fitness regimes so you can keep your golf body in tip-top shape!

1. The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

One of the classic and best-known driving ranges in America (and featured in countless films and television shows), the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers has everything you’re looking for in a driving range. Even if the weather’s bad, the range is covered so you can still lob balls overlooking the beautiful Hudson River. Likewise, if you want to play a full round of virtual golf, they have swing simulators with over fifty-five different indoor virtual golf courses for you to play through with well-known courses like Big Horn, Pelican Hill and much more! Not to mention classes, lessons and a full staff of golf pros at your disposal. 

Make Your Own Indoor Golf Course

Of course, you could always build your own virtual indoor golf course at home, if you were so inclined. It’s actually not too hard but can get pricey pretty quick. There are a few guides out there that can help you make your indoor golf dreams into indoor golf realities! Just be sure to invite us over when your home course is set up!


Even when showers are pouring down, you can stay on top of your golf game. While all your buddies are letting their swings go to pot, you’ll be ready to reach par (or under!) every time. Just be sure to pack your PowerBilt clubs and you’ll be doing just fine!